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Our practice is able to carry out access audits for projects whilst simultaneously developing solutions to any physical barriers which are identified. Paul Tuppeny is a qualified access consultant and member of the NRAC (National Register of Access Consultants).


In this aspect we focus on ‘inclusive design’ to ensure that the building or environment is as accessible as reasonably practical to as many people as possible including people with disabilities and to address the broad range of needs and difficulties that people may face in an environment or design.


We work with occupational therapists to ensure that the design brief and solution is informed and appropriate.


Our architectural work focuses on providing crisp contemporary space and functional design flooded with natural light with carefully chosen visual and physical links between inside and surrounding outside spaces.


Access Consultancy

An access audit will identify the physical features and management procedures which may compromise access for people with disabilities.


The audit is broadly divided into information gathering and observations and recommendations for improvement which are ranked by their priority and consideration of a number of objectives, proposals, costs and future plans and resources.


The access audit informs the audit action plan which takes a longer term view of how the reccommendations of the audit can be instigated taking into account priorities, funding and future building and maintenance works.


The development of the action plan demonstrates a commitment to making the built environment accessible to everyone and forms a useful basis for the organisation of building work.